Step1: Come along with your friends, family or co-workers and get ready to find yourselves locked in a room with only one way out!

Step2: You’ll need to solve riddles and puzzles, find clues and use your intellect to solve the mystery and escape! 

Step3: You only have 60minutes, so hurry! Teamwork and communication are needed if you are to make it out in time! 

The Concept

What exactly is ‘Escape the Room’?
The concept of escaping from a locked room originated from a number of videogames in the late 1990’s. The player would find himself locked in a given room and by finding clues, solving puzzles and by using different objects along the way he would eventually make his way out to freedom. This idea has since evolved and over the past few years has turned these videogames into a real-life concept. We currently offer 4 uniquely themed rooms for you and your friends to experience and test your reasoning and logic. 

The Rooms

The Saloon

Difficulty Level: 9/10
Number of Players: 3-6 
A masked bandit has stolen 3 gold bars from the city bank. The main suspect of the robbery is the owner of the saloon, Bill O’Hara. The sheriff will be interrogating the suspect for the next hour and during this time you will need to visit the saloon and find any evidence that incriminates him. 

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The Heist

Difficulty Level: 9/10
Number of Players: 3-6 
The largest diamond in the world is on a global tour for a limited period and will be showcased in the city’s museum. Your team’s mission is to secretly enter the museum and follow the encoded instructions left to you by the “big boss” thus allowing you to steal the diamond!! 

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The Mission

Difficulty Level: 8/10
Number of Players: 2-5 
Your military base has been infiltrated by the enemy! In less than one hour, a missile will be launched and will target your headquarters! Your team’s mission is to enter the underground control room and with the guidance of your Major, stop the launch before it is too late! 

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Degree of difficulty: 8/10
Number of players: 3-6 
Α secret terrorist organization under the name ‘Janus’ intends to spread a deadly virus worldwide, which will have devastating effects on anyone who comes into contact with it. Your team’s mission is to infiltrate the organization’s hideout, steal the deadly virus and save humanity. 

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Fun getaway

We offer a new form of entertainment which we guarantee will be intellectually stimulating, challenging, exciting and something you’ll be talking about for weeks to come with your friends. Get ready for an experience you will never forget.

Suitable for Everyone

Family and Friends:

Stop by with a small group of friends or family and work together to escape the locked room you find yourself in. We guarantee that it will be an experience you’ll be discussing for weeks to come. 


Take a break from solving your algebra problems and come by our venue where you’ll be solving mysteries and stimulating your brain with challenging brainteasers.

Tourists and Travellers:

By now you’ve probably visited the old town, the Venetian walls and our country’s vast historical sites. Why not come for something a little different which will guarantee your trip was an unforgettable experience. 

Team Building:

If you and your colleagues are looking for an exciting and unique team-building activity, you’ve come to the right place. Teamwork and cooperation are essential in order for you to succeed and escape in time.